Enrico ORRÙ - Managing Director

Mr Orrù qualified as chartered accountant and commercial assessor in Carbonia (Sardinia/Italy) in 1960 and soon afterwards left his native country and settled down abroad (in Switzerland and in the Principality of Monaco).
Throughout his career, he has been mainly concerned with administration, internal auditing and controlling in banks (Crédit Suisse - Zurich) and financial companies belonging to multinational holdings (E.N.I. the most important).

Knowledge of Italian, French, English, German.

His expertise includes:

Philippe POYEN - Head of IBM AS/400 Department

Mr Philippe Poyen has been working for SELEK since 1992.
As programmer, he has helped with analysis, while as chief programmer he developed the G.F.S (Global Finance System) system. Installation of the system in various centres (Geneva, Monaco, Zurich, Lugano, Milan, Turin, Paris, Luxembourg and London) was carried out under his supervision.

Besides a knowledge of various languages (English, French and Spanish), Mr Poyen's experiences cover:

Moussa BENATAR - Head of Microcomputer Department

Mr Moussa Benatar graduated in Computer Engineering at the University of Nice in 1979 and joined the company in 1995.
Besides a knowledge of various languages (English, French and Italian), Mr Benatar's experiences include the following:

Patrick REGOLTA - Head of Microcomputer Maintenance

Mr Regolta has been with SELEK since 1996 and is in charge of the maintenance of the Micro-computer department.
His experience includes:

Alexandre GASTAUD - Microcomputer Planning

Alexandre Gastaud graduated in 1996 as programmer from the University of Nice and joined SELEK in 1998 to up-date an automatic data transfer programme, created by Mr Moussa Benatar, onto computers which do not have the same operating system.

This programme, of difficult application, was requested by different producers of "Computer data bases" and operating systems to make facilitate the introduction of their products to clients.

He has a good knowledge of English, French and Spanish and has experience in the following fields:


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